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Neurosurgical Doppler Systems


Neurosurgical Doppler Systems

ES100-VX MiniDop®

The ES100-VX MiniDop® is a portable ultrasound Surgical Doppler for use in intraoperative and noninvasive applications.

Intraoperatively, the ES-100-VX is used to momentarily detect blood flow sounds before and after vascular, cardiovascular, laparoscopic, and plastic and reconstructive procedures.

Choose from a wide selection of durable, interchangeable, reusable and single-use intraoperative probes in a variety of styles and frequencies.

Noninvasive vascular probes are also available to enable standardization in your facility.

    • Handheld, lightweight & portable
    • Wide selection of interchangeable probe styles and frequencies for a variety of intraoperative procedures
    • Surgical probes are validated for a wide variety of sterilization options
    • Noninvasive probes also available to promote standardization in your facility
    • Compact and battery operated
  • The ES100-VX MiniDop® is an ultrasound Doppler used for intraoperative and non-invasive applications.

    Intraoperatively, the ES100-VX is used to momentarily detect blood flow sounds before and after vascular, cardiovascular, laparoscopic, and plastic and reconstructive procedures. It can also be used with a noninvasive probe for standard lower extremity sounds.

Bidop® 3

The Bidop® 3 is a hand-held bidirectional vascular Doppler used for vascular arterial and venous studies to evaluate and monitor peripheral arterial disease. It features a large, real-time LCD display, waveform memory storage, and software compatibility for EHR integration and hard-copy test reports.

  • Performs arterial and venous Doppler studies

    Compact, lightweight & handheld

    Real-time waveform LCD display

    Store up to 30 waveforms to view or download to the optional Smart-V-Link® software at a later time

    PPG probe available for toe pressures and venous reflux studies

    Doppler arterial studies conform to current reimbursement guidelines when performed as directed using Bidop® 3 with Smart-V-Link® Software (CPT 93922 & 93923)

  • Indications for Use The Bidop® 3 is used for the detection of arterial and venous blood flow in extremities as well as fetal heart sounds.


Koven’s intraoperative Doppler probes are for use with Koven’s Surgical Dopplers .



  • available in both sterilizable and single-use options. Koven’s reusable probes are validated for a variety of sterilization methods.

  • Indications for Use Intraoperative probes are recommended for use after sterilization, during vascular procedures to obtain blood flow sounds from intraoperatively exposed vessels of interest, thereby verifying patency or revealing absent or significantly diminished flow sounds.



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